Little Stars
UK Charity Commission Registration Number 1120536. Egyptian Charity: Luxor Charity No.8 (2010)

Welcome to Little Stars - Happy New Year 2017

On the 29th May 2017, Little Stars will have been operating for ten years - a whole decade. All of our supporters can be proud of how they have improved the lives of so many people over those years. We are moving into our eleventh year with the same enthusiasm and determination with which we started. We are now also able to provide disabled children in Britain with small items that make life easier.

Because of the deteriorating situation in Egypt we are unsure whether we will be able to continue our work but we will do our best and will remain optimistic. There is now rampant inflation in Egypt with many staple food goods increasing 100% in price over the last year. The situation for the poorest element of the population is now dire. Limited funds mean that we are not able to cover all aspects of the work that we did a few years ago and in the middle of last year we had to suspend work in the Training Centre. However, the Nursery School, Clinic and Dental Surgery are still fully operational and are in more demand than ever. At first people are suspicious of services than come free of charge but when there is no money for an alternative they flood through the doors seeking help realising that free can still give a far better service for their children than they would get anywhere else.

The nursery school in Luxor now has 48 children in regular attendance and has four members of staff instructing and caring for them.  The children are able to play in the garden when it is not too hot and the playground items were delivered ready for the Autumn Term 2016. The items were especially made so that they will withstand use by so many children.   Fortunately, the benefits of preventative dentistry are becoming more well-known and the dentist is kept very busy.

Funds are still extremely tight and although we are still not able to restart our family sponsorship scheme we are still able to provide food parcels for destitute families who are able to come to the Centre near Qurna Hospital to collect them.

We could not have done any of this without your help.
Thank you