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Little Stars - Luxor Children's Trust

UK Charity Commission Registration Number 1120536. Egyptian Charity: Luxor Charity No.8 (2010)

Welcome to Little Stars


On the 29th May 2016, Little Stars will have been operating for nine years. All of our supporters can be proud of how they have improved the lives of so many people over those years. We are moving into our ninth year with the same enthusiasm and determination with which we started.

In January, because of the deteriorating situation in Egypt and its problems with human rights, we were unsure that we would be able to continue working there but despite these factors we have maintained all aspects of the centre in Luxor.  We have also expanded our work in the UK and have given support to both individuals and to groups who assist disabled children.    

The nursery school in Luxor now has 45 children in regular attendance and has four members of staff instructing and caring for them.  The garden was completed during the summer and they are now able to play outside when it is not too hot.  Playground items are being specially made so that they will last and withstand the use of so many children.   The Training Centre continues to teach women and girls and the computer classes are now as popular as the sewing classes.  The clinic still has two doctors a dentist and a nurse.  Fortunately, the benefits of preventative dentistry are becoming more well-known and the dentist is kept very busy.

Funds are still extremely tight and although we were not able to continue with our family sponsorship scheme we are still ablt to provide food parcels for destitute families who are able to come to the centre to collect them.

We are moving into our tenth year with hope and optimism for the future of Little Stars and for the future of the Egyptian people.

We could not have done any of this without your help.

Thank you

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With you we can do so much – Without you we can do nothing


Patrons: The 8th Earl and Countess of Carnarvon

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